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Introduction of steel strip heat treatment
2017-11-25 11:05:49

Introduction of steel strip heat treatment 

Through the steel surface heating, cooling and change the surface mechanical properties of the metal heat treatment process. Surface hardening is the main content of surface heat treatment, the purpose is to obtain a high hardness of the surface layer and the beneficial distribution of internal stress to improve the wear resistance and fatigue properties of the workpiece. According to the basic heat treatment process, heat treatment equipment is divided into major equipment and auxiliary equipment. The main did not include heat treatment furnace, heat treatment heating equipment, cooling and other equipment. Auxiliary equipment, including testing equipment, equipment did not correct, cleaning equipment, quenching medium recycling equipment, fire and dust removal equipment.

1, heat treatment furnace
Heat treatment furnace is a heat treatment equipment. The temperature is generally lower than the furnace, requiring more stringent control of furnace temperature and furnace atmosphere. By the furnace, heating devices, mechanical devices and electrical equipment and other components. According to different energy can be divided into fuel furnace and electric furnace; According to the working temperature can be divided into high temperature furnace (higher than 1000 ℃), medium temperature furnace (600 ~ 1000 ℃) and low temperature furnace (less than 600 ℃); According to heating medium can be divided For the air furnace, controlled atmosphere furnace, mobile particle furnace, vacuum furnace, glow ion furnace, etc .; According to operating procedures and the degree of mechanization can be divided into cycle furnace, semi-continuous furnace and continuous operation furnace; Can be divided into normal furnace, annealing furnace, tempering furnace, quenching furnace, carburizing furnace, nitriding furnace; According to the shape and shape of the furnace can be divided into box furnace, pit furnace, trolley furnace, push rod furnace , Rotary hearth furnace, vibrating bottom furnace, conveyor belt furnace; according to the degree of specialization can be divided into general-purpose furnace and special furnace. [2] 
2, cooling equipment
Not commonly used cooling sink, tank, bath furnace, slow cooling pit and so on. Media include: tap water, salt water, oil, nitrate solution.
3, testing equipment
Commonly used tests are not equipped with Rockwell hardness juice, Burson-Marsteller, metallographic microscope, physical performance tester, measuring tools, non-destructive testing equipment and so on.

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