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SK5 high carbon steel strip
2017-10-30 17:26:47

 Japan imported spring steel SK5 wire rod special steel carbon tool SK5

The United States W1A-8 W1-8 high hardness wear toughness good
Grade: SK5
SK5 features and scope of application:
Quenching and tempering after a higher hardness and wear resistance, but the thermal hardness is low, poor hardenability, easy deformation, plasticity and low strength. Used as a tool for high hardness and abrasion resistance, such as simple molds and punches, cutting metal cutting tools, drilling tools, woodworking cutters, countersunk drill, ax, chisel, longitudinal hand saws , As well as fitter assembly tools, rivets and other secondary tools die. In the case of
SK5 Chemical composition:
Chemical composition of steel (%)
C Si Mn P S SK5
≤ 0.35
Implementation of the standard: JIS G4401
Supply Size: 0.3mm-5mm × 6mm-1219mm Supply Status: Soft, Semi-Hard, Full Hard Material Name: Carbon Tool Steel
SK5 Chemical composition: Chromium Cr: Allow residual content ≤ 0.25, ≤0.10 (Make lead bath quenched steel wire) Ni Ni: Allow the residual content ≤ 0.20,
≤ 0.12 (when making lead bath hardened steel wire) Copper Cu: Allowable residual content ≤0.30, ≤0.20 (When manufacturing lead bath quenched steel wire) Note: Allow residual content Cr + Ni + Cu≤0.40 (When manufacturing lead bath quenched steel wire)
SK5 mechanical properties: hardness: annealing, ≤ 187HB, indentation diameter ≥ 4.40mm; quenching, ≥ 62HRC
Heat treatment specifications and microstructure: heat treatment specifications: sample quenching 780 ~ 820 ℃, water cooling. In the case of
SK5 performance characteristics and instructions:
SK5 Carbon tool steel, which is hypereutectoid steel, has a high hardness, but the plasticity and strength are relatively poor. For the manufacture of a certain toughness, and requires a higher hardness of the various tools.

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