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  • [2013-03-20]
    Tempering colors depeng on the temperature, steel be heat treated....
  • [2015-06-12]
    Untempered martensitic steel, while very hard, is too brittle to be useful for most applications. Amethod for alleviating this problem is call tempering....
  • [2013-03-19]
    Quenching is a process of cooling a metal very quickly. This is most often done to produce a martensite transformation. In ferrous alloys, this will often produce a harder metal....
  • [2013-03-19]
    Heat treating is a group of industrial and metalworking processes used to alter the physical, and sometimes chemical, properties of a material....
  • [2013-03-17]
    strip steel SS 2230, EN 1008951CrV4, W.NR 1.8159...
  • [2012-05-22]
    Coil ID 400-500mm, Coil weight ,pallet weight ,labeling show steel grade, size, net weight, Gross weight, hardness, color or Customer required mark information .the special demands like painted customer’s trademark or logo also accept if order quantity to meet the min. production requirements...
  • [2012-05-22]
    We have highly competent, experienced and enthusiastic engineers who enable to fulfills the customer’s concerning and expectation of providing the good quality and service combine the reliable equipment and efficient management system...
  • [2012-05-22]
    Our company is one of reputed & prestigious company . we are an original producer in cold rolled hardening and tempering steel strip production with professional quench technology ....
  • [2013-02-28]
    The samples could be offered if we ever have the same or similar size with other requirements order. The samples are free, the only thing you need to do is let your courier to collect them from our side. Check the grade and quality whether satisfied you as soon as possible....
  • [2013-03-17]
    strip steel SS1770, DIN 1.1231, W.NR CK67...
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